Countdown and House Update

Countdown and House Update

Countdown: 1 day till settlement, 2 days till move-in.

My total closing fees will be $4830 which will leave a little over $2k for us to put into the house and start paying a few folks back. Payback will be faster when the car is paid off in February.

That is good news 🙂

They have also left some work-benches and grinders behind for my dad. So more free stuff.

Tomorrow’s schedule:
9:15am – Walk-through of the house to make sure everything is as it was described for settlement
10:15am – Meet with lawyer to go over paperwork for settlement
11am – Settlement appointment with attorneys and seller
Afterwards – Change locks to all 4 doors of the house (already purchased and keyed the same)

If it’s past 1pm by that time, I will not be going into work as it takes an hour to get to work and it’s not worth going in after 1pm.

In which case I will:
– Smudge entire house and garage with white sage
– Tape up the living room for painting.
– Examine for any holes, flaws, etc for painting.
– Roll around in the grass and on the floors and giggle like mad

Wednesday’s Schedule:
7am – Start painting living room (maybe bedroom first, depending on when my cousin-in-law wants to come over)
9am-10am – Grandfather drops off storage trailer
Afterwards – Alternate between painting and unloading trailer the rest of the day
12pm-3pm – Electric company is due to turn on electric
10pm – First night sleeping at new house (albeit without internetz)

Thursday’s Schedule:
8-12pm – Cable installation
Afterwards – More unloading and unpacking, which is pretty much my schedule until Sunday.

Several folks coming over Friday and Saturday to help unload and paint.

Saturday’s Schedule:
– Pick up furniture from bosse’s pad

I will be taking lots of before and after pictures. Expect picture spam.