Comcast Sucks and NEW HOUSE

Comcast Sucks and NEW HOUSE

Comcast turned off my internet two days early, the bastards. But they do have me on the schedule for new service on Thursday at the new house still. I can’t understand why customer services fails so bad with them. It literally honestly does. I’m on dial-up tonight, and probably won’t be on tomorrow at all since we’ll be sleeping at the new house.

Dad and I settled on the new house today. It was actually very painless, and the previous owners are super cool. I was fairly intimidated going into it, and I could sense tension in the room when they first walked in. But then they started talking about the history of the place and their family and things lightened up quite a bit. They seemed to take to my dad, since he’s an old farmer like them. I think they may even stop by now and again.

We immediately went to pick up a load of belongings to bring over and changed the locks. I actually took a nap on the floor after I was laying there staring at the horrible paint job on the ceiling. I took tons of photos, which I can’t upload now because of the current internet debacle. And I’ve taped up most of the living room for painting tomorrow. I do need to spackle and sand a few minor areas.

We took Bastian with us, but he’s not feeling very well.

Dad already started loading tools into the garage, I think he’s tickled pink at having one. I may post more details later, but dial-up seriously sucks. I remember these days, but it must be one of those repressed horrific memories.