We haz Paint

We haz Paint

Dad and I went and had breakfast at another old country restraurant called “The Country Kitchen” in Taneytown today. It was very small, much like the Book and Table we went to for his birthday. Service was faster and the food was good (though my cinnamon bun must have been heated up in the microwave because half of it was hard as a rock).

These country restaurants crack me up. I really do love them because you see all the old farmers sitting outside chatting and gossiping. One of them was talking to my dad for a bit about diabetes. I just want to sit with them all day and listen to stories.

Afterwards we went to Lowes to buy paint, where I also promptly forgot to use my coupon. I’m sure we’ll be going there again. I bought Olympic paint because it’s one of the more eco-friendly paints, and I have a caramel/beige color for the living room, and a dark chocolate brown for my bedroom. I also bought a can of primer for the bedroom since the walls are fairly light right now and I don’t want to have to put on tons of color.

The local town here, Fairfield, is having their annual Pippinfest festival this weekend. We may be walking through there tomorrow, I don’t know yet. But apparently it’s like a huge flea market and is a big deal around here. I saw some furniture I wouldn’t mind looking at.

My uncle has also invited us over for breakfast tomorrow morning, but I’m still deciding whether or not to drive down to the Grove or start packing things up here for the move on Wednesday.