Title Search and Water Test Complete-ish

Title Search and Water Test Complete-ish

The water test came back with a minor amount of bacteria. They said verbally that they would be treating the water and then retesting.

The lawyer called me yesterday to let me know the title search was complete, or rather they were finishing it up. There are no liens or anything on the property (they search back 60 years), but there are two right-a-ways. One of which I knew about, the driveway to the left of the property. Apparently a right-a-way for that driveway was created initially as a 20 foot right-a-way in April 1986, and then another 30 feet were added in July 1986. So in total, there’s a 50 foot right-a-way, most likely starting in the center of the driveway with 25 feet on either side.

That’s a pretty big right-a-way, and was probably initially done for a development. However this was in 1986, and dad thinks that they probably couldn’t develop the woods behind us because of the two rivers there making it wetlands.

Still, it’s a shared right-a-way, so it shouldn’t interfere with our garden. However I am still going to research what our rights would be with the right-a-way, and if there’s any way we can get the amount reduced. I mean it -is- our property so I imagine we have to have -some- rights.

The other right-a-way is for the electrical company Med-Ed, which I assume just means there is some sort of electrical line on the property somewhere. The lawyer said those are usually only 10 feet or so, but that I can call that number where you have people come out and mark utility lines on the property for you and that should give me an idea of where it is.

Edit: Found this How to Amend Existing Property Easements. Should be fun *sarcasm*. I also emailed the lawyer to find out what my rights are with the land, or rather what -they- could do with the land potentially.