Dad’s Birthday and Leg

Dad’s Birthday and Leg

I took off today for dad’s birthday so we could spend some time together. I took him to this very tiny restaurant in Fairfield I’ve been wanting to try out called “The Book and Table” for breakfast. By tiny I mean probably no more than 10 tables.

It was crowded and they are only open from 6am to 2pm. It appears their main focus is to cater to the older crowd, and nearly every single person in there was in their golden years. And nearly every single person in there new each other as regulars. Old women church groups, local farmers, grandfathers taking their grandchildren to breakfast. It was quaint and small town, and I loved it.

The food was good from what I could tell, and their devote customers led me to believe it’s well liked all around. I had the sausage gravy on toast with homefries on the side and an orange juice. The gravy was very richly flavored and the home fries were perfectly seasoned and cooked in onions.

Their service was lacking, but from what I can tell they were in need of more help and had a help wanted ad in the window, so I can only assume they were just short-staffed.

The decor was a mixture of children’s fairytales, local Gettysburg pride, and 1950’s toys. I had thought by the name of the restaurant it would be more of a coffee shop style, but it is definitely country kitchen.

In other news, I think my fathers leg is getting worse. I’ve convinced him to start going to the Wound Care center on Friday, which will be a regular thing for several months and put even more of a strain on our budget. I am going to try and get a picture of it later today so we can compare the before and after.

I’ll be very relieved when this moving mess is over with so he doesn’t put so much strain on it. The lack of circulation in his leg is what causes it because there’s no oxygen being carried to the skin and bacteria builds up in the wounds. In some ways I wish I could do that maggot treatment I read about where they clean out the bacteria from skin wounds like this.

But as I said, whatever he needs. I hope that the weekend after settlement we can get almost everything if not everything moved out of that trailer with extra help so it’s not this huge month long process of him unpacking during the day and me unpacking when I get home from work. He took the brunt of the move in July, I really don’t want that to happen again for October.

Tonight my Aunt and Uncle are taking us to a chinese buffet for dinner for dads birthday.