Realizations On Making My Own Way Via Wood

Realizations On Making My Own Way Via Wood

My husband and I have been doing a lot of reflecting the last week or two, mostly about getting our lives better organized and figuring out solutions to issues we’ve been facing. We’ve been creating a list of things we want to clean up, organize, and purge, and I’m excited about the prospects of 2018.

One thing I’ve realized at this point though is my office situation.

I’ve talked about on social media about some struggles I’m having in my office in Downtown Gettysburg with another business in the building. I literally have not been back in the office to work since December 14th, and here it is the end of January, all because of this situation. While the details are sticky, the gist is I don’t think I can work in the building anymore so I need to figure something else out.

Yesterday I went to one of the libraries in the county as I needed to return a book anyway and I love looking through the business and marketing sections of the different libraries. When leaving the house, I saw dad out stacking some firewood and suddenly I felt very uneasy for leaving.

The main issue that started hounding me is if I was gone from the house at an office and dad had an emergency or accident, and I didn’t know about it, what would happen? There are signs occasionally that dad has issues now and then. Just this morning he forgot to fully close the chicken coop and a bunch of chickens got out. Or there will be an incident where a lighter is left on a burning woodstove. Little “things” here and there that make me feel like I need to be at home.

Dad has lived with me since 2003 when he had to go on disability due to his health. It’s a good partnership for the most part because he can watch the dog if I go camping, he’ll mow the lawn, I’ll pay the bills and keep things in order as best I can. My intention is that dad will live with me for the rest of his days so I can make sure he is properly taken care of. It’s not easy spending the majority of your adult life taking care of someone, and it’ll slowly get more and more difficult as he ages. This is one of the reasons I started my own company. I knew that my dad’s father suffered from Alzheimers, and I worry about being able to see the signs if dad starts going down the route. So my goal was to have a business and passive income that allows me to be flexible for dads needs.

I’m tired of your shit, Crystal.
– Cort
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Working in the house though is not going to work, however. Between the dog barking, dad blaring the TV, not being able to meet clients at the house, etc., I am not as productive as I need to be, and I suffer for it.

One thing I like doing with my business is barter with companies that would be beneficial for both sides. Just this fall I bartered with a construction company to get the upstairs windows replaced that were sorely needed. I recently attempted to setup a barter with a PA based shed-making company that specialized in making insulated office sheds ready-to-work. Unfortunately, they were not interested in bartering.

I do not have the funds to buy a shed out-right. I wish I did, but you’re looking at a business expense of $5k-$8k which is a lot of money for a small business. I don’t even charge that much to make websites.

So where I am at right now is that my husband and I may try to build our own shed and hire my cousin, who is an electrician, to set up the wiring. Donald has construction experience, I can follow directions and use tools well. Why can’t we do this? It would be cheaper in the long run, and I get my shed the way I want it and feel comfortable having clients visit. Maybe I’ll even have friends who are handy with tools help, if there are any willing.

I think having a space to myself that allows me the space to breath, to operate, to feel professional while still keeping an eye on the house, is the best route for me to go. Here is an example of what I’ve been wanting:

I absolutely love all the windows. Being able to be inspired by the nature and sunlight around me, being a stones throw from the house, being in my space where I can exist in my own inspirations and motivations. It really is like a dream, but I really hope Donald and I can make it a reality.

I can do this. The prospect is kinda scary because I’ve never done construction outside of like, woodshop in highschool. I think YouTube is about to become a new best friend.