Needing a Change, Something Inspiring

Needing a Change, Something Inspiring

As usual, I’m a busy person. This hasn’t changed in years, and I don’t necessarily mind it. I do want to do more spending of my time on things that make me happy and fullfilled though. Lately I’ve felt in kind of a rut, and my brain is constantly thinking of ways to get out of that. This occasionally includes ideas for new blogs, new businesses, new ways to generate passive income, new projects, crafting, writing, etc.

I decided to finally start to get all of these thoughts down on paper (digital paper) in a list. Each project I want to do is listed, a brief description of the project or sections of the project are also listed, and then I try to organize any ideas for consolidating the projects.

Right now the list is at 32 projects :/ and slowly growing. That’s not even entirely accurate because I have 21 books ready to write and they are organized under 3 different projects,, so in reality the number is probably double.

I have to remember to keep a balance on what is realistic now and what can be pushed off till later. The ultimate goal with most of these projects is freedom. By freedom I mainly mean financial freedom, or at least not having all of my eggs in one basket. I mean, I love my business Misfit Interactive, but while it builds I still have slow months. Plus there may be a time I want to focus on something else for a while, so having a diversified set of projects and income is a safer option for me.

I can think of projects, ideas, and businesses all day long, but it’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution. I need to figure out the best way to execute these ideas in a way that is lucrative, smart, and doesn’t overwhelm me.

Where can I find a balance between the mundane and the spiritual? How can I stay efficient and organized while still pursuing the whimsical and adventurous?

This is a challenge for me. I have a very logical brain, but also feel my creative side has been neglected far too long. I used to be into photography, regular music, creating stories and worlds through gaming. Right now I have more reference books than I do fiction, which is great but at the same time I’m overloading my brain with feed it information and not allowing it to feed me with its ideas and creativity.

I think that’s my rut right now. I need to figure out ways to make things more flexible to break down those walls and allow my brain to meld together all of its wonderful traits and aspects.