New Domain

New Domain

This blog can now be reached through as well as

I had been waiting for one of the crystalgroves domains to become available, but they were always taken. The .com and .org are owned by some medieval LARP thing called “The Kingdom of Crystal Groves” that is surprisingly local to me (side note: I’ve always wanted to walk in on one of their LARPing sessions and announce that Crystal Groves is here to claim her kingdom). The .net domain was also taken by someone a few years ago but I guess became available again so I snagged it.

The .me extension was a new one presented for personal portfolios and blogs and such, so I figured I’d grab that before the .me extension became uber amongst the intarweb.

I’ll be redoing this site sometime soon with an actual portfolio as well as a place for my music, but for now it’s still just a random blog.

3 Replies to “New Domain”

  1. Good luck with your redesigns and website endeavors! I found you through Get Rich Slowly and Eventual Millionaire. Your website name was intriguing, as is the design. This may not be the place to ask, but what kind of portfolio will you be putting up? As I browsed your site I thought I saw mention of you doing webdesign…

  2. Greetings D!

    My portfolio, actually I have two I’d like to put up. One would be my resume and various sites I’ve created the framework for, and the other would be my musical portfolio with some mp3 downloads 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, I will add your RSS to my reader 🙂

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