What To Level Up Next In My Life

What To Level Up Next In My Life

My current successes:

I’ve lost 85% of my excess weight diet changes. I’m currently on an almost 100% primal diet and have a a small percentage of pounds to lose.  I plan to continue documenting this journey here and in my public journal so others can follow my the steps if they like.

In the past 8 years I’ve gone from a 525 credit score to an 800 and almost paid off all of my debt.  I expect all of my debt (some new medical bills had came up last year), I will be debt free aside from my mortgage and some money I was loaned from a friend.  My goal is to have that paid off this year as well.  A lot of these tips are documented on The Money Drain, but I will continue to add to this as well.

I have taken Donalds non-existent credit and pushed him to a credit score of 746, and it will only keep growing.

I’ve gone from a fairly craptastic one-sided 7 year relationship with a married man, and the subsequent deep depression from the break-up, to a genuine partnership with a wonderful man who supports me unconditionally in everything I want to do. And who is so completely devoted to the relationship itself, not the “idea” of being with me.

I gained my clergy status, but still must do a lot of work to maintain it.

I have maintained my sanity that normally would shake the core of most people, during 2 of the most difficult years of my life.  My soul has prospered because of it.

So I’ve essentially upgraded my finances, upgraded my health, upgraded my spirit, and upgraded my relationship.  Next?  I want to upgrade my contribution to the environment (less waste, more self-sustainability), upgrade my income stability, upgrade my time availability, and upgrade my passion so they my prosper.

Upcoming Goals:

Get back out of debt like I was in March of last year before the job loss.

To refund my emergency fund with a significant amount of money to last 6 months worth of bills.

Buy my father a new used truck.

Greatly reduce my todo list so I may enjoy more things and have less “todo”.

Reduce the waste and consumptions of our household and document all that I’ve done.

Create a more self-sustaining home garden.

Supplement my income so I am not relying on one job to pay the bills, perhaps use this extra fundage to buy the farm we want to do the things we want.

Continue to blog and document all of the self-improvement steps I take, in order to show others that “yes it can be done, but you have to do something about it”.