Utility Notes

Utility Notes


I called the electric company (Med Ed) and have scheduled service to start up on October 1st. There is a $12 connection charge for this. I’m curious to see how expensive electricity is in PA. I really wish I could have gotten the co-op company, but they service on the other side of 15, not my side. I’m -right- out of range.

Still, I’ll probably consider alternative energy at some point. I don’t know if it’ll be at this house or the next one.


I called a trash company that was recommended, but they have weird restrictions that I’m not used to down here in Maryland. They offer recycling at $4.xx a month, not bad and worth the price probably. And then they have two waste options.

1. 5 32 gallon bag limit at $49.98/quarter
2. They supply their own trashcan and that’s all you can use for trash at $58.98/quarter. (I shoulda asked how big their trash can was, bigger than 5 32 gallon bags?)

In MD we just put out whatever trash we had and the only limit was on content, not amount. I may call around and see what other trash companies are around, but I think my choices are fairly limited. I definitely want to do more composting at the new house. Dad and I have already been experimenting with reducing our waste (like removing paper towels in August 2007), so I consider it a fun challenge to continue to do so. Kinda like when I was reducing my monthly bills and how much of a fun challenge that was. Now I get to play the same game with our weekly waste.


I am getting the triple play with Comcast because it saves me around $400/year. I have to call and reschedule my appointment though because when I set up the installation, they couldn’t schedule past September 30th. I’m trying to get it set up for October 1st in the afternoon (though I may schedule it for October 2nd so I have time to figure out where I want the tv and my computer).