The 30th Birthday

The 30th Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday, and after a history of mediocre or crappy birthdays, this first step into my 3rd decade was a very nice change filled with a lot of amazing people.

Some highlights:

  • My dad cooked me breakfast and gave me an automatic garage door opener. Normally to get into the garage door now I have to unlock the side door, then go in and unlock-n-life the garage door from the inside. -Then- get back into my car and back it in and do everything in reverse. In the rain or snowpocalypse this can get tedious, but now I’ll be able to open the door easily.
  • Dad also went down to our old hometown icecream shop (the best in the world ,fyi), and got me an icecream cake.
  • Co-workers surprised me a card and some cash (we all know where that’s going :)), and my department surprised me with an additional card and a giftcard to the organic market. They also decorated my desk with black balloons and gave me a gag gift of one of those 8-ball fortune teller thingies, but shaped like a males appendage :).
  • Another co-worker baked me an amazing chocolate and peanut butter conglomeration.
  • Volt restaurant (Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant of top chef fame) came up and gave me an amazing icecream dish with “Crystal lettuce” on it and a candle.
  • The boyfriend sent me a package with some more cash, a simm card for my new cellphone so I can listen to music, and a few other little things for a project I am working on.
  • My aunt and my father both put an announcement out on the local radio station.
  • My co-workers went out with me for dinner for indian food (some against their dislike for indian food), and the indian restaurant gave me a free dessert dish. Our waiter was a little awkward though, I think I may go to a different restaurant next time 😡 A co-worker paid for my meal against my wishes, but I’ll get her back.
  • Another co-worker gave me a Downtown Frederick giftcard when she heard I was going out for dinner because she wasn’t able to go as well. Course I didn’t get a chance to use it, but will have to reciprocate the favor by using it to pay for someone elses lunch sometime.
  • My social networks (especially facebook) exploded with birthday wishes from a lot of amazing people. Even some social networks I forgot I was on 😡

So all and all it was a -very- good birthday, and all the people who took time to just communicate well wishes to me is a good representation and first step into my 30’s. I’m looking forward to the rest of them 🙂

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