Many pies and not enough fingers to put in them

Many pies and not enough fingers to put in them

Why hello there, blog. I’ve neglected you so, but I hope we can patch this relationship moving forward. I have a lot or projects ongoing right now, and I need a place to keep my thoughts organized.

What has been going on the last few years?

Lets do a tl;dr version:

  • I got married October 2015! Yes, I am a married woman again to a good hard-working man. We have been issuing dream after dream together, and I’ve been working on the process of getting them organized and underway.
  • My web design business is thriving. I started a business in May 2014, and for the last 3 years I’ve been working on making it grow. It’s doing very well right now, and I think I am reaching that cusp where I am too busy and may need to bring in additional help. In order to do that though, I’m going to have to up my pricing game a bit. I’m excited about this next step, however.
  • I did hire my first part-time employee for Misfit Interactive. I needed someone to take over some of the more time-consuming but tedious content and SEO setup work, so I hired someone that I knew was tech-savvy, intelligent, a writer, and had the time and ability to do the work. Bonus is I am supporting a stay-at-home mom who needs the flexibility.
  • We’ve started building up a homestead. My husband wants to try his hand at a small CSA (community supported agriculture), so we’ve started building up the “farm” here into a working homestead. Between chickens and tons of produce, we’ve been extra busy getting the process started. We also want to be as self-sufficient as we can, and this is just one cog in that wheel.
  • I was elected (twice) as secretary to a national non-profit religious organization and started my own branch here locally.
  • We bought a truck and sold two of our old vehicles
  • I’ve started several blogs that I am working on getting organized and full of content (more on these later).
  • Dad had another stroke but is mostly recovered and doing well. I am still his full-time care-taker, and working from home has allowed us the flexibility to do these types of things.
  • My sister had moved in, got her cosmetology license, got a job and was getting back on her feet, then promptly decided to move back in with mom, got pregnant and had a kid sometime this year. Granted, she has not told me any of this and it’s been 2 years, but sadly nothing I can do about that.
  • Not long after my sister moved out, I took in another boarder for about a year and a half that was a friend of mine and needed to get back on her feet as well. She has done well for herself and moved out this spring. I am not taking anymore boarders for a while though, it’s not lucrative and I need the space right now, as much as I like helping people.
  • I met some amazing musicians that have helped support my musical talents and I’ve started getting to know more people locally.
  • There are probably other things over the last 3 years, but those are the most significant.

Onwards to Upcoming Things

So the last 3 years have been somewhat of a blur aside from the above. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t taken the necessary but therapeutic time to blog like I used to. Previously, blogging allowed me to archive research, thoughts, and organize potential projects.

I’ve kinda felt lost without it.

That said, this year I have some very lofty goals and projects I am working on. Anything religious I purposefully leave out of this blog because it doesn’t have a place here.

Current Projects

  • My web design company
  • My Homestead for personal sustainability
  • Our Homestead for public sales of vegetables and eggs
  • 4 or 5 Blogs
  • A lot of non-profit org duties for 3-4 separate groups

Upcoming Goals

  • Continue building my web design company and expand contracted or part-time help and revenue. There are a few things I need to organize with how the business runs, but for the most part it is going well.
  • Get the homestead running smoothly. We did a great job starting everything from seed, but we haven’t been good with starting our fall seeds/planting or getting everything we wanted into the ground. I need to better document this process and timeline so it’s easier for next year.
  • I’ve started two blogs with a third on the way. I need to get into a routine of posting to them at least 3 times a week, and eventually daily. Not to mention my business blog, making a fourth, and a local directory blog which will be a 5th.
  • We are working on getting out of debt, which is our 6 year plan (6 years basically including the mortgage).
  • We intend to buy a larger parcel of land here in Adams County that we can turn into a Bed & Breakfast and grow the homestead.
  • We eventually want to host festivals and events (like weddings) on the larger parcel of land
  • I’m not ruling out some local politics, but these other projects would come first right now.