Home Owner’s Insurance

Home Owner’s Insurance

I signed up for homeowner’s insurance with USAA this morning. The originally quote they gave me of $628/year was for a $500 deductible. I decided that since my father and I have had renter’s insurance for years and never used it, and we can do most repairs ourselves, I’d opt for the higher deductible. If I didn’t have a healthy emergency savings, then I wouldn’t have done this. Fortunately since I do, I can handle the higher deductible.

At $1000 deductible it brings the yearly premium to $546.44, so a slightly lower monthly payment and about $80 less a year. USAA even offered to set up the transfer of my account to my new address and the cancellation of my renter’s insurance automatically on October 1st.

This was the last step that I needed to do myself, since I got copies of my 401k and Roth IRA statements this morning as well. Now it’s all in the hands of the settlement lawyers and lender. Though I do still need to get a certified check for the remaining balance of the down payment, but I am still waiting to hear from the lawyer about that.

As far as the closing process goes, #1, #3, and #4 are complete. Now it looks like the lawyers need to complete their title search, the lender needs to have the property appraised (and I assume some sort of FHA inspection), the lender needs to approve the loan, settlement lawyer needs to demand pay-off of the original mortgage (I kinda doubt there is one), and I need to get a cashier’s check for the lawyer, then we have our settlement appointment on September 30th and I get my damn keys! 🙂

Reminder: Buy new locks.

In the mean time I will be looking at paint colors and setting up appointments for electric hook-up, etc.