Dad’s Surgery and Labor Day Weekend

Dad’s Surgery and Labor Day Weekend

So for those unaware, dad had a procedure done on Friday down at Sinai hospital to find out if he had a blockage in his arteries. If they found one, they were going to put in a stint, if not he would go home. They essentially send a camera into the artery on your inner thigh/groin and put some sort of dye in you and do fancy medical stuff that I don’t necessarily understand. His procedure was 3 hours late, so we mostly watched Sanford and Sons on the hospital tv.

I’m very grateful there were no blockages, but we are still trying to find out why he has trouble breathing now and then.

Sinai hospital has the best hospital cafeteria I’ve ever seen. They had a sushi bar!

That said, we had to get up at 4am and fight rush-hour traffic down to Baltimore. I think we got out of there around 2pm and then I tended to dad the rest of the day. Saturday was much of the same plus lots of cleaning because I was expecting company on Sunday.

On Sunday company canceled and dad couldn’t drive yet so I stayed home from the Grove while he healed. We did go over his brothers down the road for a small cook-out on Sunday afternoon, where I got tackled by several pre-teens and a 6 year old. I think I won though.

Then today I spent some time with the boy and took care of dad, and was invited over for crabs over my Aunts, so dad and I went over there for dinner. We got home after dark, I started laundry, and am just now able to relax for labor day weekend………

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