Boring Moving Progress Ramblings

Boring Moving Progress Ramblings

My computer is having some issues as of late, probably due to the move. It wouldn’t recognize the keyboard yesterday, so I’ve put in my old keyboard for now till I can figure out what’s going on with the USB ports.

As such, I still haven’t been able to download photos from my camera, but I hope to do so this weekend.

The living room is all painted. All 22×13 with 6 windows and 3 doorways. My shoulders are very sore. My cousin and my Aunt helped, and we put two coats on and it looks so much better. The original color was an uneven pastel yellow, and now it is a very even creamy caramel type color called “Covered Wagon”. I wanted the beige/caramel color because in my mind it matches my fathers “Old West” decor better. I’m keeping a white ceiling and white trim around everything. I will have to paint the ceiling eventually because I think they just did one crappy coat throughout the entire house and it looks awful.

This weekend I will be painting my room a dark chocolate brown called “Star Anise” by Olympic. I’ll also keep the trim and ceiling white, and eventually tear up the carpet and leave the wood exposed and finished.

The trailer is almost completely unloaded as of today. I’m going to call my grandfather to come pick it up on Monday so we can have our trailer of wood and trailer of equipment dropped off to unload. But all of the house stuff, freezers, washers, etc are all unloaded within….3 days. That’s not bad at all, a lot faster than I anticipated. Much of that credit goes to my father, my cousin Tommy, and my Uncle Steve.

Will came over and dropped off a bunch of our plants and flowers today which my dad will figure out where he wants them planted.

I’ve been washing and unpacking, and prepping my room for painting. We loaded most of our belongings into the basement so we don’t have a house full of boxes. Instead we can bring up a little at a time, which seems like it will work much better. Giving how big our basement is now, and the fact that it is right on the driveway with no stairs, this seemed the more intelligent method.

I have a bed now, after sleeping on the floor for two days. I’m exhausted from my lack of sleep, so hopefully tonight will be better. There is also no heat upstairs, only some floor vents for the heat to rise from downstairs. I actually like having a cold bedroom, but I can’t stand having a cold bathroom, so that’s been the only issue. It’ll be nice having a wood-stove again.

As far as negatives, there are only a few minor ones. The road out front has a lot more traffic than I would like, but we are probably going to plant some trees and brush out there. The water pump is awfully loud, but it’s old and we’ll likely get a new one in the next year or two anyway. My upstairs toilet is…..weird. You have to hold down the lever until it finishes flushing or it won’t flush. It also has a small shower shoved into a very large space. I eventually want to take out the shower and put in a large bathtub since it has the room for it. I also don’t like having carpet in bathrooms, and only the upstairs one does.

Tomorrow’s probable todo list:
– Spackle issues in bedroom
– Paint edges and walls with primer in room
– Finish unpacking kitchen supplies and wash everything
– Finish unloading trailer
– Drive to Frederick and pick up furniture from boss
– Vacuum living room

General todo list:
– Get some more rollers and off-white paint
– Price crown moulding for living room, or look into barn trim to go with the old west style
– Price wood for deck out back
– Get all new white outlets for bedroom and living room from Bryan
– Figure out curtains for living room, for 6 fuckin windows good lord

Items to look out for on Freecycle/Craiglist:
– Patio furniture, front and back

Items I’ll likely have to buy eventually:
– Media cabinet, bench style
– Bamboo blinds for bedrooms