2009 Money Stats

2009 Money Stats

Amount of Debt paid off in 2009:

Debt Amounts Broken Down:
1. Dad’s Loan: $5516.41
2. Interest Accruing Debt: $6458.68
3. Friends Down Payment Loans: $775
4. Car Loan: $6204.30

5. Amount paid off on house (principal only): $2,220 (with interest and taxes: $12693.53)

Total: $18954.39

(including house principle: $21174.39)

Amount of Money saved in 2009:
1. Car Loan: $1900 due to paying off the car loan 2 years early
2. Cable/Phone/Internet: Saved $40/month by threatening to cancel. Will save me $480/year.
3. Bank interest: $51.87
4. New Back Deck: $2525 from insurance claim
5. $19.80 in MUD related Zazzle sales
6. $292.64 in MUD donations
7. $5.37 in personal Zazzle sales
8. Saved $391/year by paying 6 month car insurance premium all at once.
9. Hosting for the Grove Website: paid 2 years in advance at $118 every 2 years giving me a savings of $264.
10. Profit sharing from insurance company rebate: $47.22
11. Cash rewards from my USAA card: $63.35

Total: $6,018.38

Amount of tax refund in February: $9696 (which most went to paying off the car)

Amount of money made through freelance in 2009: $3842.50

Amount donated to charity: $515.22

Income increase from 2008: $7400/year at main job only.

I included house separately in the debt paid off total, because house payments somewhat skew the “extra work” that goes into debt repayment with the general populous. Since most people either pay rent or pay mortgage, it doesn’t really count as a debt repayment in this sense.

I wasn’t as gun-ho this year about finding ways to save money, because 2008 was such a stellar year for that, there really isn’t -that- much left I could reduce. Still I am always on the lookout for changes I can make to save money.

The interest accruing debt is a little skewed too, simply because it includes the amount of money my dad spends on my card right now, not necessarily debt. I just happen to pay it off every month and include that in the total.

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