Three New Launches

I’ve had a fortunate month lately with three launches, two of which were my first projects as Project Manager AND Developer. My employment made me a project manager in October, so I’ve been working hard to really put my nose to the grindstone and make my projects that I manage process smoothly.

BrainFacts – We don’t do much Section 508 compliance at work, but this site specifically requested to be Section 508 compliant, which is always fun to dive into something more foreign than I am used to. It was built in a different CMS than we usually do, so it has taken some adjusting to try and work with this new platform, and with an outside development source actually applying our code to that CMS rather than doing it ourselves. The workflow wasn’t ideal, and I am still working out some kinks in things, but I’m very happy with the site 🙂

Cogito – Cogito was a large science/technology/math site for talented youth that they wanted to put into the WordPress format with a community feature. It was quite a challenge, moreso because they wanted it hosted on a different environment that we had limited access in, but it has finally launched. More kinks (mostly IE) to work out on this one as well, but this was another fun project. I simply LOVE working in WordPress 🙂

Weinberg Center – This was one of my favorite projects. A theatre website converted from archaic classic ASP to WordPress (yay!). A lot of fun to do, but a few cross browser problems I had to deal with.

Work wants to focus a lot on mobile development this year, so while we haven’t put much stock in responsive design on current sites, I’m anxious to start applying these types of things to future sites. I’m going to do more practice on my own personal sites first, because I think it’s really fun and interesting 🙂

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