The Weekend and the Birthday

This weekend I taught a Basic Personal Finance workshop at the Grove. I’m not a very good public speaker (I just don’t do it enough, really), and I was nervous, but I think the workshop actually turned out really well. There was a lot of participation from everyone who stayed for the workshop, and I mean LOTS. People had a lot of good experiences to share and I think everyone learned something. It ran for about 3 hours, and I made paper copies and the pdf copy available for the participants.

The only drawback was that a lot of the people who I think could have benefited the most from the workshop were not in attendance. I chalk most of that up to being done on Easter, so I will have to go through and teach it again sometime (or just share the pdf with them, or something).

If there’s enough interest, I may post the document for others outside the Grove as well.

Afterwards I was treated to dinner at Amer’s Cafe for my birthday, which is a Mediterranean restaurant down in Baltimore. I was also given two bottles of mead that I love 🙂

I also henna’d my hair as a treat to myself.

I did go to work today, despite it being my birthday, and my co-workers devised a cake surprise for me, the topic of which had me cracking up most of the day. Picture below:

(this is a photoshop image I did a while back of one of our IT guys on Fabio’s hair/body)

The upcoming weekend is a camping trip to see some good friends that I’ve missed very much.

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