Pondering Ideas of Reuse

I was thinking this morning that when they do demolish the old house, could I reuse any of the old materials, and what would the new owner allow to be taken. I plan to go down this weekend with my cousin Stephanie to take pictures before it is demolished, but I may also look around and see if there’s anything we can ask to take.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind having the windows, if nothing else we could use them in new animal pens. Doors could be useful, maybe. I know I really liked the old hardware on them, and having those could just be my “remembrance” item from the house. Maybe even some of the wood floor could be salvaged. I know dad wants the old gas stove, even though it’s older than me. I’d definitely like to have the electrical box and the hot water heater, since we paid for and installed those ourselves.

None of the cabinetry is any good, and the oil based heater is shot. I can’t think of much else at this point, but I wouldn’t mind doing a little diving.

No Savings Contribution and Demolition

I decided, with much hesitation, to stop all savings contributions for now. It wasn’t necessarily hurting me to keep adding to my savings, but it was slowing down the debt repayment process. So now I will be able to tackle this with hopefully more force just to get it out of our lives for good.

My credit card also came for my father today for my account. I may hold off giving it to him until his balance is paid off. But I am still undecided about that.

This week I find out if his tractor supply account attempts to go to 30% APR, in which case I’ll pay it off now instead of later.

And I also have to call the local tax people to see if they’ve received a payment from my escrow account. By the looks of my Chase account, it doesn’t look like they have, so I’m going to bring a copy of my tax form to work tomorrow to copy and send again so I can get the discount.

Dad said the old house is scheduled to be demolished as soon as the new well and septic are put in. I’d like to ride down and get pictures before it is, considering I was under the impression it wouldn’t be demolished (surprisingly). There’s no way he could have renovated that thing anyway.

The House Saga has Ended

For the most part.

Our old house we were living in has finally sold. I mentioned before that my circle of amusement would be complete if the house sold for $100k, which is what I offered back in April 2008. Well it did.

For those unaware, the short backstory is that our 90+ year old landlord had died leaving 3 farms and no Will, with no children. His entire estate was to be divided up between 6 nieces and nephews. He owned 3 farms, one of which was the one we’ve been renting forever. The other two sold for 3 million a piece, but they wanted double the price ($200k) of what ours was worth ($100k) because ours was condemned. So they gave us 30 days to get out. We took all the livestock to the auction, plowed up all our crops, and left a lot of trash behind.

We moved in with my Aunt and lived with her for 2 months while we searched for a place to live. We eventually bought our awesome house here in Gettysburg and are all the better for it.

Anyway, back to the old condemned house. They had it listed for $124.9k with no bids. An old neighbors son actually offered $100k cash and the estate took it. The guy apparently plans to fix it up rather than mow it down and rebuild, which surprises me.

He did say, however, that if there’s anything we want off the property after settlement that we can come take it. There are a couple things I wouldn’t mind having, so that was nice of him.

He also asked us if we wanted to rent it once it’s rebuilt. Dad said “Hell no, we have a good house here in Gettysburg.” so that was that.

In a way I’m sad to see the house sold. I’m glad it sold for what it did because it serves the greedy bastards right. I’m just sad to think of it changing and it permanently not being ours anymore. It was literally the house I was born in and one of many houses I was raised in.

Maybe he’ll let me take some more pictures before they start doing whatever they do to it. It will be a good investment for him, and the neighbors are happy that he’s the one buying it.

Handyman Special, Detached Garage!

Dad was down in the old neighborhood again since he still does tasks for some of the old ladies that live there. They had realtor brochures up for grabs, so dad decided to grab one.

“Handyman Special, Detached Garage, Beautiful Lot!”

I can give you a guess of which one of those is true, and it ain’t the first two.

Our neighbor (who is also my dads cousin) said a few people have stopped by to look at it. Most don’t get out of their car. One was an excavator and said it would cost him at last $40,000 just to tear down everything and haul it away. THEN he could start spending the money to build a house on it. The $180,000 is not worth that. He talked to one of our other neighbors on the other side and they told him that we had offered $150,000 to buy it and the guy responded “And the dumbasses didn’t take it?”.

This is my amused face. Is it wrong that I hope it sits for a couple years?

In addition, the detached garage is not a garage. You might be able to fit a miata in it, but it was built narrow for a buggy, not for automobiles. It has a dirt floor, spaced wooden walls (meaning you can see through them) and a leaky rusty tin roof.

They also have not cleared out -any- of the trash that was left there. It looks a shambles.

The realtor asked our neighbor cousin where the well and septic were. She told them it doesn’t have a septic and the well is buried underneath the sidewalk. She’s sorta right. The septic is supposed to be under the hill with the walnut tree on it, but it hasn’t been checked in over 29 years. I imagine it’s a steel tank, probably leaking heavily, and I’m sure the tree’s roots have pierced through it by now and are the only thing keeping it from collapsing. I wouldn’t want to be the one to dig that up.

They are also advertising it as two bedroom. It’s not two bedroom, it’s one bedroom. My father just happened to sleep in what was supposed to be a 6×9 closet all these years.