PETA and Rabbits

The country restaurant my dad frequents usually gets baby rabbits from us every year about this time to sell as easter bunnies. I’m not entirely supportive of the topic of easter bunnies because a lot of kids can’t handle taking care of them. But I know some do, and it’s something that’s going to happen anyway so I’d rather just educate people more.

Well someone came in this week to inform the restaurant/fruit market/orchard that they need a permit to do that, which is usually about $170. I can sorta see the usefulness of a permit, but I am not someone who likes to be bound by laws when I’m not doing anything wrong. The same goes for selling eggs, etc.

The same day PETA arrives and starts boycotting the selling of baby bunnies, saying that they are like children and should never be separated from their bunny siblings.

Give me a break. This is where I run into the fine line that I walk of being a nature-lover/animal-lover as well as a traditional farmer. Yes I love animals, yes I love nature, yes I treat both ethically, but I still kill rabbits and chickens and turkey and deer to eat them. I’m not doing it for sport, I’m not doing it unnecessarily. Get off my damn back.

Insulted by Palin

I’m insulted that Palin is the republican VP candidate, for many reasons.

She’s obviously a flippin moron when it comes to the issues that she should damn well be aware of. But she’s praised so highly by people desperate to have McCain win the election. It’s like throwing out all of your ideals and scruples just to get what you want. How can these people approve of this woman in a legit fashion?

And the people that are voting for her only because she’s a hawt woman, or even the women voting for her only because she’s a woman at all, I don’t get them either. If this woman sits in the VP seat, and eventually becomes president when McCain pops a cog, do you realize that she’ll make the U.S. look like a sheep for the taking? That we’ll never have another woman president for 10 bajillion years because of how foolish women will look after that? The jokes will be abound, “Can’t let a woman be president, you saw what happened last time.”

Not to mention if she can’t handle giving interviews, I’d hate to see her negotiating with intimidating foreign leaders. I imagine she’ll run home and cry or polish her 12-gauge.

I guess McCain’s stupid decisions lately just boggle me. Palin as VP, I just can’t see it. It’s even worse to imagine her as President. I don’t want this woman representing the initial step of women in the White House. We’re better than that.

New Truck and Swing State

Since PA does inspections every year, dad and I are going to have trouble with our trucks. Mine I planned to take off the road anyway and start working on it (they want no rust at all, wtf?), and Dads we’re probably just going to tear the bed off of and put a wooden flatbed on it.

But a guy my dad knows just bought a new Chevy and wants to give us his old Ford. Apparently it’s in pretty good shape, not sure what year it is, but dad says it will pass inspection, so that’s good đŸ™‚ We also might have a buyer for the blue bronco, but only for $500. I don’t really want to get rid of it, but I’m not going to do anything with it anytime soon. My bronco is always first priority.

Also I’m trying to work it so I can vote in the state of PA during this next election since it is a swing state. You have to have proof that you’ve been living here for a month, so I’m trying to sort that out. I will be living here as of October 1st, even though I’ve been living here literally since the end of July. The only bill I get that comes here in my name is the cable bill, and I don’t know if that would count. Our driver’s licenses are all still in the state of MD.

It says a piece of identification is required to vote, and that’s the only one I have. I guess I’ll have to get that switched over sooner than later. Anyone have experience with dealing with identification while voting? Is it different in every state, I assume?