Bank Logic

So I send two checks from the same account, in the same envelop to be deposited into my account. One to be deposited into my checking account, and the other into a savings account. The amounts are only $100 apart, and like I said, are from the same account.

However the one in my checking will clear on January 7th, but the one in my savings won’t clear until January 12th. The only real difference is that one is going into a checking and the other into a savings. Is there a reason the deposit would take longer into a savings?

Not that it affects my finances at all, I just find it odd that they were sent exactly the same way but one takes longer to reflect on my account.

ING Giving Away $5,000 by January 15th

I just got an e-mail from ING that says they are going to give away $5,000 to some lucky saver that makes 5 purchases of over $10 with their ING debit card for the month of December.

I’m all over that. With a $5,000 bonus I could pay off my dads loan in one big swipe and spend 2009 paying back all of my wonderful friends that loaned us the down payment for this house. My father would be almost debt free, with just his medical bills left. What an amazing feeling that will be for him!

The Downfall of Living in a Tourist Town and Comcast Now Charging for Paying Over the Phone

Not that I didn’t have this issue while living on the edge of Westminster, but I’ve noticed that living in Gettysburg does have downfalls as far as location. Many stores I’ve needed to get to have been far away in other towns, such as Lowes or now Walgreens. When living in Westminster, at least on the -other- side of Westminster a lot of these things were still accessible. Also living on the edge close to Eldersburg/Sykesville allowed me to also travel to those cities when I needed to get to certain stores. But a lot of things aren’t near Gettysburg at all. Which in a way is a good thing, but also makes it less desirable for travel.

Like now, I have to plan a trip to Walgreens to get my sister the gift I mentioned before so I can teach her about financial responsibility. But the closest store is in Chambersburg PA or Eldersburg MD (which would have been fine if I were still living in Westminster). I do need to get a few other things at Walgreens, so I can combine all of this into one trip, but it’s still a damper. This particular gift I can’t purchase online either because it requires exchange of information.

In other news, I attempted to call up Comcast yesterday to pay my bill, as I do every pay period. But when I finally go through their automated system, I was told that there is a $4.95 fee to pay by credit card over the phone. I usually pay through the website but have mis-placed my password for it and getting a new one from them is like pulling teeth.

So I’ve resorted to sending checks for free through ING, which granted takes longer, but it’s free. I’m somewhat disappointed in Comcast for now charging to pay over the phone. Capital One was the same way when my car loan was still with them. I guess whatever way they can make money. Fortunately since ING will mail out checks for free I don’t have to worry about these retarded extra fees.