My Office Floor

On a whim today I decided to pull up a portion of the carpet in my office that was coming apart anyway from my office chair. It was starting to get on my nerves, and I’ve been wanting to tear up the carpet in the office anyway.

My office on move-in day where you can see the carpet in it’s full 1973 glory:

From Move In

Portion of me tearing up said carpet for comparison:

From House After

And low and behold it revealed very lovely finished wood floors:

From House After

My bedroom has similar wood floors that I already tore the carpet out of, but they are unfinished. I’m glad I don’t have to refinish the office ones as well. I don’t know when I’m going to tear up the rest of the carpet. It likely won’t be today because I have some other things I have to take care of, but at least I know what’s underneath.

One of these days I’m going to do a big before and after post. I haven’t really done updated pictures since we moved in, course I haven’t done all that much either simply due to lack of fundage.

If you want some bedroom before and after


From Move In


From House After

Plans for the bedroom include:
– New Queen sized natural wood bed that my uncle is making, which will mean a new mattress and new linens
– Refinish the wood flooring
– Tear out the ceiling (hence why it is not painted) and one of the cubby holes and expand the room another 6 feet with the ceiling reaching all the way to the peak of the roof.
– Once the ceiling and one of the cubby holes are tore out, put several or one big large window on the back of the house overlooking the back yard
– Put in a sky light or two and replace the roof once the ceiling and all are tore out
– Replace all of the windows
– Refinish the one remaining cubby hole, including drywall and a light fixture
– Move the lightswitch for the bedroom from the hallway to actually inside the room (really? WHO DOES THIS??)
– Find an old antique vanity and stool
– Find an old antique reading chair
– Bring up my armoir for the boyfriend’s clothes if/when he moves in, possibly also refinish that.

There may be others, but that’s a good start.

Have you ever wandered what they did with leftover circumcision parts?

Well I recently found out.

Dad had outpatient surgery on Tuesday where they just put a skin graph on the ulcer on his leg to see if it’ll help heal it. Before they’ve used pig skin for this, but apparently they also save the skin from circumsized babies to use as skin graphs. So now my dad has baby penis skin on his leg. That takes not being “wasteful” to a whole new level folks.

I can see the jokes now…… “….waking up with a stiff leg.”

He has to rest and not bump it for a week or two, so I’ve had to take over some of his chores as well. Fortunately I have a three day weekend coming up where I can get a lot of things done around here.

I updated my pictures from yesterday with updated deck pictures from last night, as well.

Updated Pictures of my Room

Gonna do some more of the house later if I get time. Newest pictures are at the end of the album. Not really much to see, honestly. I’m still sanding the floor when I find time before I bring up a nice rug (yes I’m using an itty bitty sander, I’m that annal). I’m still sleeping on the tiny day bed while my uncle works on building me my new wooden queen size bed. And I still haven’t painted the ceiling or put up new trim 😀 Still trying to decide if I should paint the closet and cubby-hole doors or not too, and if so, what color. Ignore my mismatched bedding 😀

House After