Baby’s First Home Repair: Well Pump

So I’ve had to deal with my first home repair this week. I don’t necessarily count the tree falling on the house in May as a repair, since insurance covered it and we got a new deck out of it. The chimney installation last November isn’t a repair either, and didn’t cost us anything.

But on Monday our well stopped working. Well not the well…just the pump. I had to deal with taking a…I guess equivalent of sponge bath in just 1 gallon of water that day. We thought we had it fixed on Tuesday so showers commenced as normal, but it was down again Wednesday (another bucket bath). My uncle came over Wednesday to help fix it since he’s a contractor (same one that built my deck). He also had some extra well line at his house since ours got a leak in it during all this as well (how many times can I say “well” in this entry?).

Yesterday I decided to just drive to my Aunts in Orrtanna and shower there. As of last night everything was working, but we do still need to get one small part for the pump since it’s not shutting off properly. I was able to take a shower this morning and I no longer have a sink full of dirty dishes, so I am happy.

All in all the cost for the entire ordeal is only like $200, so that’s not bad at all. I’m very grateful that my first home repair was so gentle :D.