Comcast Doesn’t Disappoint

And I don’t mean that in a good way.

So we all know that dad is without cellphone currently, so I have the land-line as a backup in case he needs it for an emergency or something. However, when it rains, the phone usually stops working. Internet and TV generally work okay, but in heavy rain there’s no phone.

I have our voice-mail set up so it emails me when there’s a new voice-mail message. We have an answering machine hooked up to pick up the phone before the voice-mail, because dad is able to work an answering machine better than voice-mail. So when I actually -get- a voice-mail email, then I know the phone is out because the answering machine didn’t pick up the call. (Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head…)

So I called to test, and yes, it was out. This did not sit right with me having my dad without a phone so I decided to call technical support and they offered to have a guy out today between 5-9pm. I asked to leave work early and went home to be there to answer questions since dad doesn’t know much about the cable.

The guy was pretty rude from the get go. Maybe he didn’t like working on a Friday evening, but considering he was only here for half an hour, he can suck it up. He checked out our “cable box” and said that a wire was loose, so that must be what was causing the outage. By this time the phone was back on because it stopped raining, so I told him that no, I had been gone all day and my dad doesn’t use the office so he couldn’t have bumped the phone out of commission. I also explained that the phone goes out ONLY when it’s raining.

The technician “politely explains” to me that Comcast uses fiber optic cable now so it’s impossible that rain would cause an outage, he insisted it must have been the loose cable. Another cable guy shows up (they seem to work in twos these days) and has to help the first guy work my computer and keyboard (like literally show him where keys were). The entire time they’re both talking to me like I’m an idiot that doesn’t know anything about how all of this works. Eventually they decide to go outside and check the line out there after much insistence on my part that rain is causing the problem.

They were out there for about 15 minutes looking around, and eventually came back to let me know that when the cable was originally hooked up in October that it wasn’t hooked up correctly. Some wires were not put together right, and there were still some old wires being used outside, so rain was……..knocking the phone out.


At least they gave me $20 off my next bill for my troubles. But don’t come to my house and sass me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The Downfall of Living in a Tourist Town and Comcast Now Charging for Paying Over the Phone

Not that I didn’t have this issue while living on the edge of Westminster, but I’ve noticed that living in Gettysburg does have downfalls as far as location. Many stores I’ve needed to get to have been far away in other towns, such as Lowes or now Walgreens. When living in Westminster, at least on the -other- side of Westminster a lot of these things were still accessible. Also living on the edge close to Eldersburg/Sykesville allowed me to also travel to those cities when I needed to get to certain stores. But a lot of things aren’t near Gettysburg at all. Which in a way is a good thing, but also makes it less desirable for travel.

Like now, I have to plan a trip to Walgreens to get my sister the gift I mentioned before so I can teach her about financial responsibility. But the closest store is in Chambersburg PA or Eldersburg MD (which would have been fine if I were still living in Westminster). I do need to get a few other things at Walgreens, so I can combine all of this into one trip, but it’s still a damper. This particular gift I can’t purchase online either because it requires exchange of information.

In other news, I attempted to call up Comcast yesterday to pay my bill, as I do every pay period. But when I finally go through their automated system, I was told that there is a $4.95 fee to pay by credit card over the phone. I usually pay through the website but have mis-placed my password for it and getting a new one from them is like pulling teeth.

So I’ve resorted to sending checks for free through ING, which granted takes longer, but it’s free. I’m somewhat disappointed in Comcast for now charging to pay over the phone. Capital One was the same way when my car loan was still with them. I guess whatever way they can make money. Fortunately since ING will mail out checks for free I don’t have to worry about these retarded extra fees.

Comcast Sucks and NEW HOUSE

Comcast turned off my internet two days early, the bastards. But they do have me on the schedule for new service on Thursday at the new house still. I can’t understand why customer services fails so bad with them. It literally honestly does. I’m on dial-up tonight, and probably won’t be on tomorrow at all since we’ll be sleeping at the new house.

Dad and I settled on the new house today. It was actually very painless, and the previous owners are super cool. I was fairly intimidated going into it, and I could sense tension in the room when they first walked in. But then they started talking about the history of the place and their family and things lightened up quite a bit. They seemed to take to my dad, since he’s an old farmer like them. I think they may even stop by now and again.

We immediately went to pick up a load of belongings to bring over and changed the locks. I actually took a nap on the floor after I was laying there staring at the horrible paint job on the ceiling. I took tons of photos, which I can’t upload now because of the current internet debacle. And I’ve taped up most of the living room for painting tomorrow. I do need to spackle and sand a few minor areas.

We took Bastian with us, but he’s not feeling very well.

Dad already started loading tools into the garage, I think he’s tickled pink at having one. I may post more details later, but dial-up seriously sucks. I remember these days, but it must be one of those repressed horrific memories.