Another Way Blogging is Usful

At least for me.

Last night I came home and really wanted to order a pizza. It was a Friday evening, weekend was starting and I had the money in the bank.

Sadly it wasn’t the whole “wanting to eat better” thing that stopped me, it was the whole “I’m trying to beat last months record of days without spending money” thing. Since I am posting that every month now, I feel like I am being held accountable for my actions, which is a -good- thing. Even if no one reads it, I still want to do it.

The eating healthier and more frugally thing is a bonus.

No Savings Contribution and Demolition

I decided, with much hesitation, to stop all savings contributions for now. It wasn’t necessarily hurting me to keep adding to my savings, but it was slowing down the debt repayment process. So now I will be able to tackle this with hopefully more force just to get it out of our lives for good.

My credit card also came for my father today for my account. I may hold off giving it to him until his balance is paid off. But I am still undecided about that.

This week I find out if his tractor supply account attempts to go to 30% APR, in which case I’ll pay it off now instead of later.

And I also have to call the local tax people to see if they’ve received a payment from my escrow account. By the looks of my Chase account, it doesn’t look like they have, so I’m going to bring a copy of my tax form to work tomorrow to copy and send again so I can get the discount.

Dad said the old house is scheduled to be demolished as soon as the new well and septic are put in. I’d like to ride down and get pictures before it is, considering I was under the impression it wouldn’t be demolished (surprisingly). There’s no way he could have renovated that thing anyway.