Money Saved and Junk Sold in 2008

My friend Melissa mentioned in my post about ways I saved money in the last 2 years, that it’d be nice to have some totals. I had been keeping track of how much extra money I saved or found around the house in 2008 for the last several months, so that I could make this post. Essentially any extra money I earned, found, or was given, as well as anything I haggled a discounted price for only in 2008 is listed below.

Dads Prescription Eyeglasses: Normally $250, My cost $84, savings of $166

Hosting for my journal: was $48/quarter, my new Cost is $118 every 2 years, saving $33 a quarter giving me a savings of $132 a year for two years (so technically $264?)

Hosting for my MUD: was $48/quarter, my new Cost is $118 every 2 years, saving $33 a quarter giving me a savings of $132 a year for two years (so technically $264?)

Hosting for the Grove Website: was $48/quarter, my new Cost is $118 every 2 years, saving $33 a quarter giving me a savings of $132 a year for two years (so technically $264?)

Car Loan: was $323.96/month, my cost after refinancing is $246/month, savings of $77/month (or $924/year)
Also 11.95% to 10.79% interest rate

Bronco Tag Renewal: $180/bi-yearly, switched to Historic tags so it’s now $79/bi-yearly, Savings of $101
I also did this for my dads F-150, so his total is $101 as well.
No more emissions fee ($14 per test) adds another savings of $28 to the pile.

$176 in change around the house

$600 stimulus check, which I guess doesn’t really count, but it was extra money in 2008.

$1900 back in taxes, which I put most towards the principle of the mustang

Switched from chemical hair dye ($100 every quarter) to all natural hair dye ($40 every quarter) for a total of $240/year saved.

Donated $86 to CLG of my unused unwanted items to auction off to support my church

Donated $260 worth of books to CLG to auction off and support my church

Phone Bill (Verizon): was $65/month, My Cost (Comcast Triple Play VOIP) is $36/month,
$350-400/year savings

I called up Comcast and asked for a reduction in prize on a whim, I went from $114/month to $79/month for a total savings of $420/year.

Since February I’ve saved up a little money each month into a new Savings account I had created just for my Car Insurance. By paying the 6 month premium in advance twice a year, I’ll be saving $391/year.

Cut the holiday budget in half by $300.

Went to an old farm for a Christmas Tree, saving at least $30.

Made $14.02 in Zazzle sales for the MUD.

My players donated $270 in 2008 towards MUD hosting costs which obviously saved me $270 worth of mud hosting costs. They must really love to play the game, because I never ask for donations 🙂

Got $40 worth of ING referrals.

We were gifted all of the materials for our new chimney, saving us at least $200.

Got a discount from my grandfather for a storage trailer for a savings of $80

My bank accounts have earned $186.87 in interest.

Items sold online:
Malachite Earrings on Etsy: $5
Peridot and Silver Ring on Etsy: $20
Rose Quartz Pendant on Etsy: $20
Complete Xena Seasons on Ebay: $110
Frontline for 11-22lb Dogs on Ebay: $20
Rainbow Opal Ring on Etsy: $20
Suede Journal: $23
Scarab Earrings and Pendant: $21
Native American Choker: $20
Total: $259

Grand Total of Items I had laying around the house (of which I have plenty more to sell!):
79 Ford F-150: $500
Jewelry: $259
Grove Donations: $346
Loose Change: $176
Total: $1281

Grand total of money saved and items sold: $8590.89 saved in 2008

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