Interest Accruing Debt Reduction: December 2009

I’m keeping track of my payments towards the remainder of our interest accruing debt (besides the house) to kinda see the progress as we reach my goal of having this gone by or in February 2010. So expect these posts monthly! Each month, seeing the progress should hopefully motivate me to stay on track with this.

  • Starting Balance of Debt in December 2009: $2937.26
  • Total Payments in December 2009: $1757.17
  • Total Payments YTD: $6458.68
  • Total Card Charges in December 2009: $1013.36
  • Total Finance Charges For December 2009: $28
  • Total Finance Charges YTD: $136.66
  • Starting Balance for January 2010: $2221.45
  • $0 Goal: February 2010

Notes for this month:
At this point I think I’m hoping for a big tax return to still reach my goal for a $0 balance in February. Even after I hit that balance I’m going to have to make regular payments on this card just because it’s the one my dad uses to supplement how little money he has left over from his social security. I just have to really keep watch on how much he spends because sometimes I don’t think he realizes it.

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