Gmail Tree Theme Adjusts According to Your Local Weather

I was playing around with Gmails new custom themes, and though I was torn between the mountain and tree version, I decided on the tree. What’s neat about this particular theme (and I am unaware if the same affects display on other themes), is that the scenery changes based on your local weather.

When I installed the theme, it was sunny outside, so the background environment was bright and sunny. Today, however, because it is cloudy, the background environment is cloudy. The same happens for when it rains, it will adjust so that your email is being rained on.

It’s pretty neat, actually. I’d like to design a WordPress theme that does the same type of thing someday.

Google Fan 4 Lyfe.

Crystal Groves

Crystal Groves is a farmer, web developer, musician, blogger, and personal finance enthusiast for the back hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania. She's an old-time blogger, starting just after 9/11, and has been blogging about technology, personal finance, health & wellness, and local news for the last several years.