Final: February 2010 Days Without Spending Money

Each month for the last year I’ve wanted to see how many $0 days I could get. All costs are rounded.

February 01: Paid 6 month car insurance premium and $33 in gas
February 02: $0
February 03: $0
February 04: $30 in gas
February 05: Bi-Monthly Bill Payment Day
February 06: $0
February 07: $31 needless purchase
February 08: $0
February 09: $0
February 10: $0
February 11: $52 on some winter gear that I felt I was sorely lacking during snowpocalypse
February 12: $60 on taxes
February 13: $0
February 15: $0
February 16: $0
February 17: $0
February 18: $0
February 19: Bi-Monthly Bill Payment Day and $33 in gas
February 20: $37 on dinner
February 21: $0
February 22: $55 on some pest control supplies cause I have silverfish and stupid mice, $32 on gas
February 23: $0
February 24: $0
February 25: $0
February 26: Paid state and local taxes, $10 dinner with co-workers, $200 on clothes from tax return money, $35 on gas
February 27: $0
February 28: $0

Days in February not spending money: 17.
This is my last post of my $0 days. I said I’d do it for a year, and I started in March 2009.

Total $0 for the last year: 201 out of 365

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