How I Spent Valentine’s Day 2009

I’m not a big Valentine celebrator. I don’t think it’s a bad holiday like some people make it out to be, I just don’t think it’s all that necessary. A holiday to celebrate love is never a bad thing, only the commercialization of it is.

Anyhow, I spent Valentine’s Day doing some chores around the house (productivity always gives me a boost of positive energy), paying off the bills in my last entry, and talking to the sweetheart for several hours (which I love).

I didn’t get him any gifts or anything, I told him flat out I wasn’t going to. I got bills to pay, and I have no business spending money needlessly until they are paid.

He did get me a few things however, despite my telling him he didn’t have to (I’m just as stubborn, so I can’t blame him). He got me a blender, which I sorely needed, because he fully supports my macrobiotic diet choices for 2009. And he also got me a small amount of candy, which he knows I don’t need or what, but appreciate all the same (even on a macrobiotic diet, it’s nice to have a treat now and then).

Short, simple, and sweet.

In other news, my juicer broke :/ More like it doesn’t turn on anymore. But my cousin-in-law’s father works on televisions and electronic stuff so he’s going to look at it for me. I hope he can fix it because I don’t feel like dealing with the warranty crap right now.