Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27

  • I find it amusing that it's so much colder at work in the spring/summer than it is in winter. People wonder why I bring a sweater everyday #
  • I have approx 4 more freelance projects lined up, with three already completed this year. Not bad for side work. #
  • Very proud of my co-worker @markburrier and his public art project "Rare Words" (which I have an image in vol 1!): #art #
  • Trying out a new no-carb protein powder for breakfast. Not bad 🙂 #
  • Apparently rockville is being hit hard with storms. No electricity. Want to get home and get my workout in before it hits. #
  • Feel like I've been reading the matrix all day coding this science fiction site from scratch. Kinda nice. #
  • An IE8 bug has come back to haunt me, and for a third party script 🙁 #
  • Always exciting downtown at work #
  • crafty little gnome: Homemade Bleach #
  • I wish the digital read-outs on my treadmill weren't broken. I have no idea how far I jog. But it was free, so can't complain too much #

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